The sky at light

Happy New Year! I hope this column finds you enjoying a fortuitous start to 2019, and that the year brings health and happiness to you and your family. As a second-generation, local glazing company, it often strikes me how much the area has changed in the 52 years that we have been trading. Nowhere is this more evident than along the Norfolk coast where property development blends old and new sympathetically.

A new product that has caught the imagination of many homeowners in recent years are rooflights, which can beautifully transform dark extensions and conservatories into light-infused places to enjoy spending time in.

Although the lantern style is one many people are familiar with, and which can be styled in a variety of sizes and colours to suit a property’s façade, you may not be aware that rooflights can now also be created as flat, glazed options too. These create a streamlined effect which can be particularly effective in more contemporary-style properties and they are definitely a product we are finding more people asking for.

The beauty of a rooflight is that, along with adding style and light to your home, their highly efficient thermal glass reduces noise pollution and heat loss, which is something particularly welcome at this time of year when the central heating is running round the clock to keep us warm.

If you are considering some home improvements for 2019, and more of us are doing so rather than moving according to industry experts, why not consider where you could do with adding some light and insulation to make better use of your space? Give us a call and we’ll organise a time to give a free, no-obligation quote.