Terms & Conditions

Double Glazing and Conservatory Guarantee

The company will make good by replacement or repair any fault which may appear in the guaranteed goods supplied and fitted under the contract details, free of all charges for labour and materials, within 10 years of the date of their installation (completion date).

Subject to the following conditions:

  1. That the guaranteed goods were installed by fitters appointed or employed by the company.
  2. The guarantee shall not take effect unless and until all the sums payable to the company in respect of the guaranteed goods have been paid in full.
  3. That the guaranteed goods have not been mis-used, subjected either to neglect or abnormal conditions or usage nor involved in any accident and furthermore that no attempt has been made at repair, replacement or modification by the purchaser or any other third party without the prior written consent of the company.
  4. That the purchaser has maintained the guaranteed goods in accordance with the company’s instructions. Failure to comply with this condition will be deemed a breach of warranty.
  5. That the company will be allowed reasonable access to the premises on which the guaranteed goods are installed during normal working hours and shall be permitted to manufacture and fit any replacement in the most economical manner and with a reasonable time consistent with the company’s normal delivery period. Any such replacement being manufactured in accordance with the manufacturing procedures of the company current at the time of replacement, which may incorporate modifications arising out of changed or improved technical developments and in the case of any replacement, the guaranteed goods, or any part thereof repaired or replaced under this guarantee will benefit from the guarantee during the balance of the said original guarantee period only.
  6. That the company does not guarantee that the installation of the guaranteed goods will either reduce or eliminate condensation nor that any sealed double glazed units will be free from condensation (other than within the sealed unit itself) and that furthermore the company accepts no liability for any condensation appearing after the installation of the guaranteed goods where none was apparent before.
  7. Although all glass used by the company in the guaranteed goods shall be of good quality, the company shall not be liable for any claims arising from distorted vision, optical phenomena, cosmetic blemishes, minor abrasions or other imperfections of a like kind due to glass manufacturing processes.

This guarantee is given in addition to and not in substitution for all the rights of the purchaser under common law and by statute.