Grand designer idea… invest in double glazing

Now I’m not one for watching lots of television shows, but I don’t mind an occasional episode of Grand Designs, particularly when the star of the show gets creative with glazing (call it professional interest!), and a recent interview with the show’s presenter, Kevin McCloud caught my eye.

The interiors guru was encouraging homeowners to be more environmentally friendly when updating their house, and his comments made a lot of sense: “We could all probably insulate our attics more, draught-proof our windows and doors, and maybe fit secondary or double glazing. Insulation may not seem sexy, but it’s much cheaper and delivers quicker cash and energy savings than solar panels or a heat-exchanging thermo-dynamic hybrid heat pump with go-faster stripes.” said McCloud.

It was music to my ears – I can’t tell you the number of people who will tell me about their latest home tech additions (integrated Sonos, heating control via a Smartphone, anyone?), but don’t think to invest in what McCloud describes as a, “fabric-first approach” to ensure their home’s energy efficiency is up to scratch.

He went on to urge homeowners to check out new glazing options, saying: “New glazing technologies fascinate me because the windows in our homes are effectively holes through which heat pours.”

Most of us enjoy looking out of our windows, so filling up the spaces isn’t really an option but new, well-installed high quality double gazing is one way to ensure the money you spend on keeping your home warm through winter isn’t wasted – and you don’t need to be a grand designer to realise that. So, if you’re already feeling the chill, give us a call and we’ll be happy to get things sorted.