‘It takes all sorts,’ is a phrase we often hear, but it really is true when you reflect on windows (no pun intended!). we say that because in 50 years of making and installing windows, we’ve had literally thousands of curious requests from customers, and it’s gratifying to see happy customers when you deliver precisely what they want.

Best value, best service, best knowledge are the three standards we run to at West Norfolk Glass, and each is equally important when it comes to double glazing. You’d think that value doesn’t need any explanation, and our pricing is as keen as possible, but the lowest price isn’t always the best product in our experience. We’ve removed and replaced other manufacturers’ poorly-fitted and low quality windows for homeowners, which have lasted for less time than our 10-year quibble-free guarantee, and invariably they have been supplied by a company that’s ‘gone out of business’ or ‘not interested’ when the customer has had a problem.

Which leads to our second standard – service. As a second-generation Norfolk family business that’s been trading continuously since 1967, I doubt we would be here today without looking after our customers. Good service is integral to everything we do – from our solutions-based approach to courteous and careful installation, and a post-installation call from our team to ensure customers are more than happy with their new glazing.

They say with age comes knowledge, and with 50 years’ glazing experience we obviously have an idea of what works. We install a wide range of products and, as members of the Glass and Glazing Federation we operate to the highest industry standards, but one thing we are not is assumptive. Whether a customer wants Georgian sashes, contemporary aluminium frames or a basic PVCu door, the customer wants what they want, and that’s what we deliver – just using our knowledge, at the best value and service.

‘Knock, knock.’ No it’s not a joke, but just think how often you answer your front door to the postman, to pay the window cleaner, to friends and family, probably on a daily basis?
But when was the last time you took a good look at your front door? It’s one of the most important elements in the exterior appearance of your home, and yet we’re often guilty of glazing over (no pun intended!) the impact it makes.

The options available to homeowners are vast these days, really bound only by our imagination, and as we’ve been fitting doors and windows for 50 years, since our dad founded West Norfolk Glass in 1967, we’ve seen a massive increase in the spectrum of choices.
Hugely popular, PVCu doors are still a cost-effective choice, and there are so many options with colour and glazing which allow you to personalise your entryway.

Offering premium levels of security and warmth, composite doors offer an infinite choice of styles and colours which make them an ideal solution for period properties or when you want to create a unique design. Hardware can make an enormous difference to the overall look too – whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style, a composite door can make a real statement to your property’s exterior.

Of course, while front doors get most attention, rear, patio and French doors make an enormous difference to your living space. Traditional styles, again with classic hardware, can update the outlook and access to outdoor space while maintaining a property’s style.

Alternatively, contemporary bi-fold doors offer the ultimate flexibility to blend indoor and outdoor space – allowing maximum light to flood in (particularly welcome during the winter months!) while your home stays warm inside, during the summer they can be fully opened to enjoy patio areas and the garden beyond. With anti-finger trap seals and high security locks, these can be easily operated in a virtually effortless motion and can be used to glaze an entire wall in your home as a real showstopper.

Now that your imagination is fired up with some ideas to transform your entranceways, why not talk to our team about how we can help you to improve your home?

The changes to industry over 50 years have been vast, but the glazing industry in particular has seen enormous transition. A local firm, West Norfolk Glass, has experienced this first-hand, with two generations of the family business mapping the changes over the five decades since it was founded.

When John Parker started West Norfolk Glass in West Winch in 1967, he predominantly worked with local builders, cutting and installing single glass panes into timber windows in new-build homes.
Back then, the glazing industry was on the cusp of radical change with the advent of double glazing, which offered an affordable solution to help keep homes warm, draught-free and secure. As fuel prices began to creep upwards (a trend that hasn’t really stopped in the 50 years since!), homeowners saw energy efficient double glazed windows and doors as a way to reduce their property’s running costs.

In the early 70s, West Norfolk Glass moved to South Everard Street in King’s Lynn, and John’s business followed the trend moving into PVC and aluminium framed double glazing, along with secondary and timber framed double glazing solutions.

When the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) was founded in 1977, John saw the importance of membership of a body that would develop industry standards and protect both employees and consumers. West Norfolk Glass is still a member today.

Building on its now well-established coverage across north Norfolk, the company relocated to its present Hereford Way premises, close to King’s Lynn’s Hardwick area, in the late 80s and John’s two sons, Geoff and Philip, joined the family firm. Family-like service has always been important to West Norfolk Glass, and it prides itself on the large number of loyal customers who have come back to it over the years for new installations and additional products such as car ports, garage doors, flat roof and roofline products.

Over the half century that West Norfolk Glass has been established, glazing products have changed immeasurably, with constant improvement to the range of timber, aluminium and PVCu framed windows and doors on offer, along with beautiful, virtually maintenance-free wood-effect products such as Bygone Collection and Evolution Windows – practically indistinguishable from original period windows, West Norfolk Glass is the area’s only installer.

Times and fashions change, and with it the way we style and enjoy our houses. Today, many homeowners are choosing to extend their living space with conservatories, orangeries and bi-fold doors, which blend indoor and outdoor areas during the summer months. There’s even a swing back towards minimal aluminium frames in property development which, combined with modern double or triple glazing, create a stylish, contemporary look.

Now retired, John Parker still spends time at West Norfolk Glass’ showroom, which is managed by his sons, supported by a small in-house sales team and fitters. Having been established for 50 years, West Norfolk Glass is looking forward to many more years of helping Norfolk families to improve and enjoy their homes.