‘Knock, knock.’ No it’s not a joke, but just think how often you answer your front door to the postman, to pay the window cleaner, to friends and family, probably on a daily basis?
But when was the last time you took a good look at your front door? It’s one of the most important elements in the exterior appearance of your home, and yet we’re often guilty of glazing over (no pun intended!) the impact it makes.

The options available to homeowners are vast these days, really bound only by our imagination, and as we’ve been fitting doors and windows for 50 years, since our dad founded West Norfolk Glass in 1967, we’ve seen a massive increase in the spectrum of choices.
Hugely popular, PVCu doors are still a cost-effective choice, and there are so many options with colour and glazing which allow you to personalise your entryway.

Offering premium levels of security and warmth, composite doors offer an infinite choice of styles and colours which make them an ideal solution for period properties or when you want to create a unique design. Hardware can make an enormous difference to the overall look too – whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style, a composite door can make a real statement to your property’s exterior.

Of course, while front doors get most attention, rear, patio and French doors make an enormous difference to your living space. Traditional styles, again with classic hardware, can update the outlook and access to outdoor space while maintaining a property’s style.

Alternatively, contemporary bi-fold doors offer the ultimate flexibility to blend indoor and outdoor space – allowing maximum light to flood in (particularly welcome during the winter months!) while your home stays warm inside, during the summer they can be fully opened to enjoy patio areas and the garden beyond. With anti-finger trap seals and high security locks, these can be easily operated in a virtually effortless motion and can be used to glaze an entire wall in your home as a real showstopper.

Now that your imagination is fired up with some ideas to transform your entranceways, why not talk to our team about how we can help you to improve your home?