Most of us don’t like getting caught in a shower, it’s true, but next time it rains and you’re at home, it’s worth heading outside – umbrella in hand, of course, to do a quick walk around your property.
It sounds daft, but it’s surprising how many people aren’t aware that their guttering is leaking and that water is damaging the exterior (and ultimately interior) of their homes. It’s easy enough to ignore, especially if you’re nice and dry inside, but the damage to masonry, brickwork is less easy to forget.

Now, why’s a glazing expert writing about guttering, I can imagine you’re pondering. At West Norfolk Glass, we install windows, doors and conservatories, but we also provide a full range of roofline products, along with carports and garage doors. Our team often hears the comment, ‘I didn’t know you did that,’ and yet we can provide virtually maintenance-free high quality fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding, along with Firestone RubberCover flat roofing. So don’t ignore that leak!

We Brits love to talk about the weather, but we’re not always as good at preparing for what’s ahead – here’s hoping that we have a lovely Indian summer that lasts long into October, but we can surely anticipate wet weather to follow.

Although we’ve had thankfully milder winters in recent years, damp is one of the biggest problems our homes face, with timber doors and frames taking the brunt of it unless well cared for and protected.
Many of us have switched to UVPC frames in recent years, and even those who prefer the look of wood – particularly in period properties – can achieve warm, dry homes with a high quality installation such as our Bygone sash windows and wood-effect doors.

Whichever look you prefer for your house, there have been enormous advancements in double and triple glazing in recent years. If you are still struggling with windows which drip with condensation once the temperature outside plummets, talk to us about upgrading your home with a product which works efficiently to keep you warm during the winter months, and cool inside when the sun shines.

One thing which can make an enormous difference to both your home’s appearance and resistance to damp penetration is the roofline – the fascia, soffit and guttering need to be kept in good condition. It’s a tricky area if the materials are wooden or old, worn cast iron, as many local homes have.

Our range of high quality roofline products are virtually maintenance free – a simple wipe is all it takes to keep them looking smart and clean, all year round. We also install Firestone RubberCover flat roofing which offers exceptional fit that’s vital for keeping your home dry in bad weather.

Finally, one additional area worth checking before winter sets in is your garage – poorly fitting or closing doors can quickly deteriorate, leaving what’s inside exposed to the elements. Since we don’t always use these areas daily, it’s easy for the weather to have an adverse effect before we realise, so take time to check everything’s in order and give us a call if a new door is required or your carport needs replacing.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure, so make this the month that you get your home ready and you’ll be dry, warm and cozy through to spring!