Happy New Year! I hope this column finds you enjoying a fortuitous start to 2019, and that the year brings health and happiness to you and your family. As a second-generation, local glazing company, it often strikes me how much the area has changed in the 52 years that we have been trading. Nowhere is this more evident than along the Norfolk coast where property development blends old and new sympathetically.

A new product that has caught the imagination of many homeowners in recent years are rooflights, which can beautifully transform dark extensions and conservatories into light-infused places to enjoy spending time in.

Although the lantern style is one many people are familiar with, and which can be styled in a variety of sizes and colours to suit a property’s façade, you may not be aware that rooflights can now also be created as flat, glazed options too. These create a streamlined effect which can be particularly effective in more contemporary-style properties and they are definitely a product we are finding more people asking for.

The beauty of a rooflight is that, along with adding style and light to your home, their highly efficient thermal glass reduces noise pollution and heat loss, which is something particularly welcome at this time of year when the central heating is running round the clock to keep us warm.

If you are considering some home improvements for 2019, and more of us are doing so rather than moving according to industry experts, why not consider where you could do with adding some light and insulation to make better use of your space? Give us a call and we’ll organise a time to give a free, no-obligation quote.

There’s no doubt about it that sitting in the conservatory with a cuppa and the papers when the weather’s temperate is a great way to steal some precious ‘me time’.

We’re all busier than ever these days and conservatories can offer a natural extension to our living space and a handy spot to hideaway from the rest of the folks for a moment of quiet reflection. That said, the bird’s eye view over the garden always has me twitching to get out there and tackle a bit of autumn pruning, weather permitting.

That’s all fine and dandy except when the temperature soars (wishful thinking at this time of year, unless we get a late Indian summer!) or plummets and the conservatory goes from pleasant to potentially freezing in one fell swoop.

However, there really is no need to shut the door and forget about this private haven for the next six months. While we install some stunning modern conservatories and orangeries across the region, we also undertake repairs, replacement panels and install energy-efficient roofs which can ensure that the heat stays in and you can relax in comfort, whatever the weather’s doing outside.

West Norfolk Glass is an approved installer of Guardian Warm Roof Systems which are a brilliant replacement roof solution that is energy efficient, 100 per cent watertight, reduces both sun glare and rain noise and makes an enormous difference to the hours you get to enjoy your conservatory.

By working with the existing structure, the cost of refitting the conservatory is far more affordable than a new build. So, don’t sit and shiver or forget your conservatory – show it a little TLC this season. Give us a call and we’ll organise a free quotation on getting your conservatory up to scratch for the season ahead.

Conservatories of old have had a slightly chequered past – in the 70s, installations came in silver or white, and many did not have the best of glazing. But we’ve come a long way since and today’s conservatories and stylish orangeries are in a different, ‘premier’ league.

Classic or contemporary, minimalist frames with expanses of glass or traditional cottage-style panes, there’s a style to suit every home. And, unquestionably, a conservatory or orangery is a fantastic way to extend your home and improve the flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether the sun is shining or there’s a coastal breeze, it’s easy to bring the outdoors in or shut the doors, cozy up and enjoy the view instead.

However, whether you are looking to install a brand new extension or simply to refine what is already in place, there is much that can be done to improve a conservatory that is not performing at its best.

Firstly, today’s glass is far superior than that used decades ago and is specifically designed to keep us warmer in winter and cooler – by reflecting heat away – in summer. Energy efficient, an almost invisible coating will also stop harmful UV rays flooding your property, making a more pleasant environment to enjoy.

A new roof is another investment which can radically alter both the look and energy efficiency of your conservatory. A ‘Livin’ or warm roof combines both solid, insulated plasterboard along with skylights to make your conservatory a space to work, relax and entertain year-round. Screens are a modern day pre-requisite – whether it’s television, computers, hand-held or mobiles – and unlike the squinting experience of an all-glass conservatory, a hybrid roof can make the space feel more like an extra room or extension to your home.

There are also a wealth of options for a conservatory’s entrance – from traditional French doors to bi-folds which open to reveal a complete vista and remove the barrier between interior and outdoor, there are many ways to personalise and create a conservatory or orangery which mirrors your home’s character.

Retro style certainly has its place and we don’t mind some 70s tunes, but we definitely think your home should look its best and give you the most in terms of living space and energy efficiency. If you need some ideas, give us a call and we’ll help you bring things bang up-to-date.