A sound investment

February is a mixed month in some ways and, depending on the weather Mother Nature sends us, we can have spring bulbs and verdant blades of grass shooting forth, or a large dump of snow to contend with! Keep your winter gear handy, just in case…

If we are fortunate enough to enjoy more of the former it’s a great time to get outside and take stock of your home. How are your windows and doors looking? Has your fascia and guttering withstood the worst of the winter weather?

If things could do with freshening up, give us a call or visit our showroom to see some of the latest, most energy-efficient products which can improve your home’s appearance and heat performance. We are here six days a week, and we also have an Open Day on 27 April, so stick it on your calendar and make a date to visit, if not before.

One thing which always surprises people is the range of products that are available to suit all types of property and price points. PVCu is undoubtedly an economical and effective material for double glazing which works well for many homeowners. Last year there was a major movement against singe-use plastics, and several customers have asked me about the use of PVCu in the double glazing industry.

In actual fact, PVCu can be recycled up to ten times which is an incredible feat. Given that our installations are guaranteed for a minimum of ten years, it means the PVCu used in a home’s windows and doors has a potential 100 years’ use, making it a highly sustainable material.

Of course the key to maximising this longevity is to select a high quality product in the first instance. I recently visited a home where a PVCu door had been colour-coated and after just a few years the paint was flaking off, the door was leaking in wet weather and the letterbox was letting in a gale! Despite guarantees, the previous installer had not addressed the issues leaving the homeowner with no choice but to ask us to come in to replace the door.

As a second-generation family firm that has been helping homeowners with glazing solutions for more than 50 years, we use products that are built to last to reduce these types of problems. However, it’s worth asking what guarantee comes with any new double glazing, whoever you choose to work with. A quality product from a quality firm will undoubtedly pay dividends over the long-term.