Hurray, hurray, the first of May… the month when summer, hopefully, starts to show itself and we can enjoy our home’s outdoor space more readily.

Of course, conservatories provide a perfect light and spacious spot to relax inside if the wind’s still a bit nippy (as it often can be in May, particularly on the coast!). In fact, a conservatory should be a space to enjoy year-round, although many customers tell us that instead they have a room which is too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Advancements in materials and technology mean that this is easily remedied with a replacement roof which keeps things temperate and maximises the time you can spend in your conservatory. There are a number of solutions available, and we are always happy to visit your home to suggest the best one for your conservatory.

Orangeries are always an elegant addition to a home, and we have created some truly stunning installations over the 50 years that we’ve been trading as a family firm. Combining brick pillars and glass, these traditional structures are regarded by many as the ultimate home improvement.

Such as it may be, the new kid on the block, and to many people’s mind a rival in terms of home improvement are bi-fold doors which allow for an entire wall to be replaced with glass that can be completely opened and folded back to allow outdoor and indoor space to blend completely. Allowing unimpeded views of your garden and outlook, there’s less frame and more glass which creates a stunning design statement. A growing number of customers are installing bi-fold doors and it’s definitely a trend that’s here to last.